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  Stephanie Gilbert - Jewellery and Restoration


Stephanie Gilbert
Stephanie graduated from the Royal College of Art in the early 1970's and worked as a jeweller creating a design and manufacturing business in London with clients in Japan, USA and England. She also taught jewellery in London, India and France.

Stephanie developed an interest in Antiques and early methods of production resulting in the rest- oration work currently undertaken. Items such as fine 'objects d'art' and carved inlaid boxes.

She has been part of Bull Mill Arts for the last 8 years as a
working jeweller and antique restorer. Unusual commissions are especially welcome, such as the 'Cley Hill' pendant and a jewelled silver garden pond - the lid of a burr wood box.

Exhibits twice yearly at Bull Mill in the Spring and Christmas shows.  

Tel: 01985 211648 for enquiries and appointment


Stephanie Gilbert. 'EARRINGS'. Gold

Stephanie Gilbert. 'RING'  Side view. Gold and stones

Stephanie Gilbert. 'RING'  Top view. Gold and stones

Stephanie Gilbert. 'RIVER PENDANT' Front view. Silver

Stephanie Gilbert. 'RIVER PENDANT' Back view. Silver