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Philip Leevers - Painting and Drawing



Philip graduated from the Royal College of Art in painting in 1965, and taught in secondary school for four years. 

He moved on to pottery, using decorative lustres, and large decorative plates featuring landscapes. These were shown with the Guild of Designer Craftsmen, Casson Gallery and Blackheath Gallery, London. 

Later, returning to two-  dimensional work, he showed landscapes, often of Richmond Park, at the RA Summer Exhibitions, Blackheath and other Galleries.

Recently, having moved to Bull Mill, the nearby Eastleigh Woods have become his main source of subjects.  

"I always begin with close study, the woodlands becoming a memory store - often fusing with metropolitan streets or glimpsed figures. Sometimes the scene can pick up shapes from other paintings; so that pictures can interact with each other, to make an imaginary memory - a scene that has not existed before."

Tel: 01985 216780

Philip Leevers. Oil on paper

Philip Leevers. 'WILLOW, CHESHIRE' Oil on paper 530 x 695cm

Philip Leevers. 'BY TORCHLIGHT' Oil on paper 237 x 520 cm

Philip Leevers. 'TALL TREE' Oil on paper 52 x 22 mm

Philip Leevers. ' HAZEL, SIDE' Oil on paper  560 x 700 mm

Philip Leevers. 'TWO BIRCHES, NIGHT' Oil on paper  530 x 695 mm