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Joanna Sims - Painting and Drawing



Joanna has lived, worked and exhibited at her Bull Mill studio for 20 years, surrounded by the chalk downland - her main stimulus, along with the Australian and Cornish coastlines. The works are pastels, latterly, gouache and oils and have been shown in London, Brisbane and Berlin.

She has taught life painting for 19 years with the Adult Education, (her pastel life drawings also feature for sale). Life painting workshops are held monthly at the Old Pottery, Bull Mill - please contact Joanna for details.  

Tel: 01985 216780

Joanna Sims 'PORTH NANVEN VII' Pastel

Joanna Sims. PERTWOOD - WINTER' 270 x 310 mm

Joanna Sims 'PORTH LEDDEN VI' Pastel 480 x 430 cm

Joanna Sims. 'COULSTON' Pastel. 483 x 788 mm

Joanna Sims 'LIFE STUDY - SPREAD ARMS'  410 x 590 mm

Joanna Sims 'PERTWOOD II'. Pastel.