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Dean Brodrick - Painting and Drawing



Dean graduated from Wimbledon School of Art and then obtained an MA under the tutelage of Keith Critchlow at the Royal College of Art in the 1980's. He continues to study and work as a Painter, Sacred Geometer, Calligrapher and Designer as well as a Musician and Composer.

"My area of interest is Sacred Art and Music, the culture of First Peoples, the Palaeolithic. I give lessons in Sacred Geometry and teach music, particularly piano, improvisation, composition and 'restart' (courses designed to help the older student retrain to play). I am a director of PooPcreative, an NGO dedicated to raising awareness about water and hygiene. I have been resident at Bull Mill for three years and have two daughters who both paint and play music."

Dean Broderick and John Law are holding their famous Creative Music Workshops on July 12 and August 30. See the poster here.

Tel: 01985 216159 or  07960130935


Dean Brodrick. Gouache

Dean Brodrick 'ABUNDANCE' Gouache

Dean Brodrick 'ACTION' Gouache


Dean Brodrick 'HEAD HAND FOOT' Gouache

Dean Brodrick 'THE VOID' Gouache